Moki Kawaguchi will release I Hope You Are Well, his new album as Lionmilk, later this month.

I Hope You Are Well is a 57-minute meditation of “ambient therapy” from the Los Angeles pianist and producer. Leaving Records, the label behind the release, has labelled it “peaceful and introspective music for crazy times.”

Originally, I Hope You Are Well was home-dubbed cassette-only music selectively dropped in mailboxes of Kawaguchi’s friends and family who may have been struggling with anxiety and depression during the early 2020 pandemic shutdown. In late 2020, Leaving teamed up with Lionmilk to officially release a limited edition cassette.

Back in June, Kawaguchi released Healing for a New Tomorrow with Jon GK, produced for your mental, emotional, and spiritual wealth.


01. Hints
02. Afloat in the Ocean
03. Everyday Another
04. Angels Over My Head
05. Awake when I Should be Asleep
06. Made it this Far
07. Stranded in a Pool
08. Good Things Happen, Too
09. Time After Time
10. We Start Again
11. I Remain Hopeful
12. Great Mother in the Sky
13. Necessary Growth
14. Pastel Memories
15. The Simple Things
16. I hope You Are Well

I Hope You are Well LP is scheduled for January 29 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Hints,” “Afloat in the Ocean,” and “I Hope You are Well” in full below.