Lisbon’s Ministerium Club has announced its January dates.

Ministerium Club opened in December 2012 in facilities previously occupied by the Portuguese Ministry of Finance. It has since become one of the main references in Lisbon for house and techno, hosting weekly events with names from the forefront of electronic music alongside underground local talent.

The lineups for January are as follows, with more information available here.

January 14

Assemble Music with Aubrey, Hakim Murphy Live, and Joao Maria

Assemble Music is a Portuguese vinyl-only label that brings together some of the world’s most respected DJs and producers. Founded in Lisbon in 2011 and with a family that extends to Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, and beyond, Assemble seeks to share the fruits of this network with listeners and dancers globally, through its releases, podcasts and regular artist showcases. This time round Englishman Aubrey, founder of Solid Groove, and Chicago born Hakim Murphy, from Machining Dreams, join Joao Maria, the head and heart of Assemble Music, for the evening.

January 20 

Hayes Collective with Reeko, Temudo & Osse

Hayes Collective is a Portugal-based label dedicated to techno and experimental electronics. With a unique aesthetic, it guides itself through strong sonic exploitation and inhabitant grooves, and as an artistic collective promotes art as a fundamental element of enculturation and critical capacity. 2018 begins with Hayes’ first label night, welcoming a guest that embodies its artistic vision. Reeko will play alongside the collectives’ own members Temudo and Ossē.

January 27 

Solid Funk #2 w/ Russ Gabriel, Barbara Preisinger, Joao Maria & Andre Leiria

The second edition of the Solid Funk series features some great artists. Russ Gabriel, electronic musician and composer, synonymous with the emergence of techno in the UK during the ’90s, has nearly 100 EPs and a respectable stack of albums under his name. Alongside the UK legend, Barbara Preisinger, founder of Slices of Life, will also be joining. Joao Maria, Ministerium’s resident DJ, and André Leiria, from Carpet & Snares Records, will also be contributing.