Bruno Silva has shared a new EP as Serpente, titled Bongo Mania Fantasma Tools.

The EP comprises six stripped out cuts envisioned as DJ tools for these times with no communal dancefloors—described by Silva as “radio tools.” For the release, Silva has taken cues from from the raw end of dance music and rhythmic psychedelia circa ’94.

Silva is also known for his work as Ondness, founded in 2009 with Em Afogando, one of several CDR and tape self-releases shared under a slew of different monikers. Whereas Ondness deals personally with Silva’s obsessions, anxieties, and hauntings at a given moment, Serpente is more “strict,” Silva says, and focused on percussion. Last year, he released Parada, his first full album as Serpente, and he has also contributed to XLR8R+.

Learn more about Ondness in his XLR8R podcast here.

The release comes enveloped in a seven-panel artwork assembled by António Júlio Duarte and Filipe Felizardo. It’s mastered by Carlos Nascimento.


01. Tem Santa
02. Dança
03. Vem de Cima
04. Altares Fora
05. Predator III
06. Olho de Tigre

Bongo Mania Fantasma Tools is available now via Bandcamp.