Today, the Japanese producer Masaaki Yoshida (a.k.a Anchorsong) has released his sophomore LP titled Ceremonial on the Brighton-based music label, Tru Thoughts.

Currently living in London, Yoshida follows up his Mawa EP on BBE with a warm, rhythmic, and uplifting album that is heavily influenced by music that came out of Africa in the seventies. Finding the album Vodoun Effect by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo at his local record shop, the sound took hold of Anchorsong and ended up becoming a heavy influence for his new and exciting production.

“It had a profound effect on me, and I began to dig deeper into 70s African music. Everything sounded fresh to me, and I felt a need to make music reflecting these inspirations. This record wouldn’t exist without this music, or its feeling of celebration.”

Anchorsong’s wildly unique production and spellbinding live performances continue to capture the imagination of producers and music enthusiasts from around the globe. You can preview the album in the player below.

Be sure to check out more from Anchorsong by visiting his SoundCloud page here.

Purchase the album here.