The elusive Bernard Fevre, the lone entity behind Black Devil Disco Club, just put together an amazing mix of French tunes for the always-great, disco-friendly Feel My Bicep blog. Not only does he lace listeners with a set of 21 obscure hits, but he also goes so far as to talk about the influence of each track. It’s only available for one week, so check out the tracklist and stream it all below. (via Feel My Bicep)

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1/ Magnetic Devil feat. Afrika Bambaataa // Black Devil Disco Club
2/ Love & Romance & A Special Person // Joakim
3/ Dating Do’s (Bernard Fevre’s remix of Dali) // Lebatman
4/ Crescendolls // Daft Punk
5/ The Devil In Us // Black Devil Disco Club
6/ In Crowded Subways (In Flagranti remix) // Paris
7/ Crocodiles In The Sky // Nancy Fortune and Parallax Corporation
8/ Distrust feat. The Horrors // Black Devil Disco Club
9/ Sound Industrial // Roger Roger
10/ Camel // Sauvage
11/ EVA // Jean-Jacques Perrey
12/ Sea, Sex & Sun (Mirror People ‘Cosmic’ rework) // Serge Gainsbourg
13/ To Ardent feat. Nancy Sinatra (Grovesnor remix) // Black Devil Disco Club
14/ The Way You Make Me Feel (Plaisir de France re-edit) // Galaxy Birthday
15/ Free For The Girls (Richard Sen remix) // Black Devil Disco Club
16/ Follow Me // Amanda Lear
17/ Stay Insane feat. YACHT // Black Devil Disco Club
18/ Couleurs (feat. Leoni) // Karl-Heinz Schäfer
19/ Fantasm // Bernard Fevre
20/ Hello.jpg // Logo
21/ Mots // Ruth