With Egyptrixx‘s upcoming third LP set to inaugurate the producer’s Halocline Trance label early next month, the Toronto-based artist has turned in a new three-hour mix. The largely beatless affair is the latest installment in The Fader‘s mix series, and—according to Egyptrixx himself—is fashioned from “a collection of fun sounds/ideas that somehow ended up on the new album. Lots of stretched out and dissected structural ideas; lots of unique textures and lots of sparse, weird arrangements.” He goes on to explain that he had “been listening to early industrial/power electronics, stuff like Ramleh, Genocide Organ, and Anenzephalia,” during the course of making his new record, influences that are all reflected in the course of the artist’s latest recorded mix.

Egyptrixx’s three-hour set for The Fader can be streamed below, where its full tracklist has also been included; The Fader’s accompanying interview with the producer can be read here.

1. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Black Magic Cannot Cross Water
2. Loscil – Black Tusk
3. Tropic of Cancer – Plant Lilies at my Head
4. Drcarlsonalbion – Gold III
5. Prurient – Palm Tree Corpse
6. Phill Niblock – Sweet Potato
7. Bremen – Sun Son
8. Anenzephalia – Beneath the Shroud
9. Bremen – Voxnan
10. False Mirror – Landfall
11. Sunn o))) + Ulver – Western Horn
12. House of Low Culture – Inappropriate Body
13. Tarcar – Refugees
14. Klara Lewis – Muezzin
15. Kassel Jaeger – Exposure Scales: Tide
16. Egyptrixx – A.C.R.R.
17. Genocide Organ – Prince
18. Atrax Morgue – Brain Penetration
19. Puce Mary – Success
20. Hexzuul – Sacred Abs
21. Ramleh – Product of Fear
22. AANIPAA – Watch over Stillness / Matters Principle
23. Brighter Death Now – Intercourse – Now is the Time
24. Whitehouse – Roman Strength
25. Merzbow – RBA/Capsule Cologne Maxell