To celebrate its two year anniversary, the multi-platform collective Ensamble Mexico has commissioned the Bristol-based dubstep kingpin and Tectonic head honcho, Pinch, to put together a raw and venomous forty-minute set in anticipation for the collective’s forthcoming anniversary celebration.

The mix showcases various upcoming tracks on both of Pinch’s imprints Cold Recordings and Tectonic, along with a handful of Dubplate tracks that come together to present an ominous, crepuscular set that dives deeper and deeper with the hardened bass and sonic space that make his imprints sound so utterly unique.

Taking place on January 30, Pinch will headline Ensamble Mexico’s event JAM 005 in Mexico City. You can learn more about the event by heading here.

Learn more about Ensamble Mexico and all they have to offer by going to their website here.


1. Nurve ‘Pyromanic’ (Forthcoming on Tectonic)

2. Pinch Feat. Riko Dan ‘Screamer’ (New on Tectonic)

3. Pinch ‘Waterbomb’ (Dubplate)

4. Walton ‘Tailko’ (Dubplate)

5. Pinch ‘No Justice’ (New On Tectonic)

6. Lamont ‘Titanic’ (Dubplate)

7. W3C ‘Bile’ (Forthcoming on Cold Recordings)

8. Ipman ‘Keep It Toolish’ (Dubplate)

9. Elmono ‘Salad Holder’ (New on Cold Recordings)

10. Plastician ‘Roman Trax’ (Dubplate)

11. Nurve Feat. Caski ‘Brain Sugar’ (Forthcoming on Tectonic)

12. Pinch & Mumdance ‘Lucid Dreaming’ (Tectonic)