Night Slugs co-head and increasingly adventerous producer L-Vis 1990 has shared his new remix for French duo Principles of Geometry. The relentlessly pulsing rework of the pair’s “Streamsters” track comes with news that Principles of Geometry will drop an LP entitled Meanstream via Joakim’s Tigersushi label later this month. In its original form, the album’s lead single “Streamsters” enlists the help of the Alessi Brothers (best known for crafting the theme song to the Ghostbusters movie series), but with L-Vis 1990 at the controls, the tune turns into a much more club-ready affiar, one that shiftts between glowing textuers and strong-armed sonics throughout its extended six-minute run.

L-Vis 1990’s remix of “Streamsters” can be heard in full below; Principles of Geometry’s Meanstream LP will see an official release on April 28.