Los Angeles producer Henry Laufer (a.k.a. Shlohmo, pictured above) has shared the How To Dress Well-featuring opener for his forthcoming Laid Out EP before it’s released early next month. Truthfully, we saw the collaboration coming for some time, as both artists have openly admired one another’s work seemingly from the start. How To Dress Well’s injured croon adds a thick layer of sensuality to Shlohmo’s full-bodied production on the slow-grooving “Don’t Say No.” Laufer seems to be returning to a more guitar-touched production style, which adds a welcomed natural vibe to the tune. And in case you missed it, Shlohmo will take off next week with fellow Wedidit producer D33J for a North American tour, and How To Dress Well is currently in the middle of a worldwide tour of his own. You can stream “Don’t Say No” before it’s released on March 4, below.