Keeping tabs on Zomby is no easy task, even though the mysterious UK producer is constantly communicating with the world via Twitter. (If anything, the onslaught of 140-character missives only adds to the confusion.) That said, the sharp-eyed folks at FACT have slogged through his online stream of consciousness and unearthed a few gems, including a brand-new track. The song is called “Devils,” and for the time being, it can be downloaded here. It’s a hyperactive number, one which employs a machine-gun assault of snares while creating an approximate jungle rhythm. At less than 90 seconds in duration, it’s not exactly a complete thought, but these kinds of blasts from Zomby aren’t unusual. Elsewhere on his feed, Zomby has confirmed that he’s collaborating with grime veteran Youngstar, and that his Cult imprint—home to the defining Where Were U in 92?—is going serve as a home for his own “eskimo and straight grime records.” That said, Zomby apparently also has more music for 4AD on the way, as he states that the storied label will be releasing his next album and EP. In other news gleaned from his Twitter feed, Zomby also hates online shopping. There’s really a wealth of information there, one just has to do some digging.