Yesterday, Arca unveiled a music video for his latest track “Sin Rumbo,” an exhaustive and invasive affair that was directed by the artist’s go-to visual collaborator, Jesse Kanda. Having announced the release of his forthcoming album Reverie back in late February of this year, the Venezuelan producer has today surprised everyone with a fresh fourteen-track release, Entrañas.

With his greatly anticipated Reverie LP still to come, this startling project is bound to help in holding us over until the time comes for his next carefully crafted full-length.

You can stream all of Entrañas below in full.

Check out the tracklist below:

01. Pérdida
02. Torero
03. Culebra
04. Vicar
05. Cement Garden interlude
06. Baby Doll / ft. Mica Levi
07. Lulled
08. Think of / ft. Mica Levi & Massacooraman
09. Clocked
10. Pargo
11. Turnt / ft. Total Freedom
12. Girasol
13. Fount
14. Sin Rumbo