Next week Clouds will deliver the Boys on E. Terriers EP, its second effort for the longstanding Soma label. Ahead of the three-track record’s official release, the entire affair can now be streamed exclusively via XLR8R.

Boys on E. Terriers wastes little digging into the type of hard-edged techno hybrids Clouds has proven extremely adept at crafting in recent years. Opening cut “Teenage Boy” find the Scottish duo chopping up machine rhythms, on top of which thick doses of ravey synths help the production carve a mighty path towards the dancefloor. The following “Elevator Girl” and “Genista Cave 4” further build on that momentum, the boomy tracks’ forceful kicks and snares joined by brooding bass and gloomy layers of sci-fi synths.

Slated to see its official release on May 26 via Soma, Clouds’ Boys on E. Terriers EP can be streamed in full below.