The NYC-based, Andy Butler-fronted, vintage disco- and house-loving ensemble Hercules & Love Affair just unleashed its second LP of such classically inspired music, entitled Blue Songs—the first single of which is a song by the name of “My House.” Given that that tune is so heavily indebted to old-school Chicago house, it’s no surprise at all that one of the godfathers of that scene, Derrick Carter, was commissioned to remix the catchy number. And what the artist crafted is nothing short of what one would expect from such a seasoned DJ/producer; his version of “My House” pulsates deeply with the thick sounds of analog gear and the kind of slick energy his hometown is renowned for. You can take a listen to the thumping, nine-minute remix below, and if you’d like to see Hercules & Love Affair perform its song live, head over to The Guardian. (via Mixmag)

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