Over the past few years, UK record hub West Norwood Cassette Library has gradually made its name as purveyors of chunky, left-of-center techno sounds with a predilection for gritty details and noisy nuances. We’ve heard some quality records in this vein from the likes of up-and-comers like Bobby Champs and Kevin McPhee, but the outpost’s latest offering is a four-track 12″ by the largely unknown Kamikaze Space Programme, a Bristol artist born Chris Jarman who recently took on the moniker after years spent DJing and producing under the name Raiden. And with this week’s release of Jarman’s latest record, we’re pleased to present all of its tunes to stream in full. From the blown-out low end and punishing rhythms of “Leyland DAF 45” to the metallic percussion and deadened rave stabs of “Pyongyang,” WNCL015 is a 12″ meant for anyone with a taste for unique samples and generally nasty vibes in their dancefloor music. All of Kamikaze Space Programme’s new music can be heard in the player below.