Kevin Arnemann is the co-founder of a deep and mingling techno label out of Amsterdam called Taped Artifact. Alongside his label partner Daan Kemp, the two have worked out a stunningly solid vision for the type of sound that they want to represent on the label, including the release of Arnemann’s first EP titled Lumière, and a follow up EP by Gauss Ltd. co-owner and Finale Sessions artist Natan H. Now Arnemann is back on Taped Artifact with a satisfyingly cavernous release titled Concealed.

This new EP by Arnemann is a deep and firmly rooted techno record that is hugely expansive, with smeared pads and echoing synths stretching out in all directions over the course of three tracks. The title track incorporates drums that rumble throughout, with plenty of lo-fi atmospherics layered over the top. “Exposed” is an insular and heady house roller, this time with dubbed-out chords that flesh into a bumpy groove. The release rounds off with the track “19_Eleven,” which burrows deep within the underground with a soft but driving drum-kit, while a heavy autumnal fog with lingering pads traps you in Arnemann’s bleak-yet-inviting world.

You can pre-order the vinyl version of Concealed via the Taped Artifact website, with the record shipping out on February 26. If you pre-order the vinyl edition of Concealed, you can get an immediate digital download of the EP as soon as it is released. You can also join in on the fun in Amsterdam at the Taped Artifact release party taking place at Zwart Goud on February 26. For more information about Taped Artifact, visit them on Bandcamp.