Following a few months behind his sophomore LP for the label, Product of Industry, today sees the release of longstanding Birmingham producer/DJ Mark E‘s new EP for Ghostly’s Spectral Sound imprint—a six-track effort that can now be streamed in full.

Said to find Mark E operating in more “breezy and sumptuous” territory than the heavy-handed Product of Industry album did, the AVION EP’s four original tracks come cloaked in lush synth textures and playfully cosmic melodies, which weave in and around the record’s efficient rhythmic structures. Rounding out the effort are two excellent remixes from White Material affiliate Alvin Aronson and Laszlo Dancehall (a.k.a. Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers), who rework a pair of tracks from Product of Industry to close out the AVION EP on a high note.

Out today via Spectral Sound, Mark E’s latest effort is streaming in its entirety below.