Amsterdam duo Juju & Jordash—whose live set at last week’s Amsterdam Dance Event was one of the festival’s highlights—will soon be issuing a new LP via the Dekmantel label, and a small bit of new material has surfaced online. The full album announcement is forthcoming, so there aren’t many further details available, but the duo is currently offering up a one-sided sampler 12″, which is available for sale at places like Rough Trade and Hard Wax. (The latter shop has posted a stream of new music, describing it as a “fine spaced out house track.”) Included with the 12″ is what looks like a hand-typed letter from Juju & Jordash stating that the new album is called Clean-cut and will be released this autumn. A copy of the letter, which jokingly describes the new material as a “hit track” designed to “rock your next dancefloor,” has been posted below, and we’ll share more details about the album as they become available.