Back in October, UK grime godfather Wileyoffered up yet another musical freebie in the form of the Prodigal Entertainment-produced “It’s Wiley,” a gift he brought back from his well-Ustream-documented trip to Jamaica. “It’s Wiley”‘s beat, the Showa Eski Riddim, has now been graced by familiar JA deejays like Stein (formerly Einstein) and Ward 21, not to mention femmes fatales Natalie Storm and Lady Chann. These vocalists can all be heard back-to-back in a new Show Eski Riddim mix highlighting short verses from each artist. The ladies really take the cake on this one, both Natalie Storm and Lady Chann together offering up enough personality to give Wiley himself pause. The mix can be downloaded here, and you can decide for yourself whether or not Wiley’s verse could do with a spit-shine amidst the vocal onslaught.