The man behind what is possibly the electronic music world’s biggest supporter of the footwork scene, UK label Planet Mu, is also responsible for the latest FACT mix, which is chock full of the sound he so tirelessly champions. Mike Paradinas’ DJ set is a monster mix that features 38 (!) tunes from both the elite and the up-and-coming figures of one of Chicago’s signature musical exports—including DJ Roc, DJ Rashad, Tha Pope, DJ Diamond, and DJ Earl—along with an assortment of artists influenced by the genre’s skittering rhythms and off-kilter production style. You can get more info on the Planet Mu owner’s podcast here, and stream/download it below.

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01 DJ Diamond – Pop The Trunk (Planet Mu)
02 DJ Rashad – 10 On The Cush (Planet Mu)
03 Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent (Planet Mu)
04 Traxman – The Robot (Planet Mu)
05 DJ Roc – It Takes Grinding To Be A King (Planet Mu)
06 DJ T-Why – Back 2 This Track (Unreleased)
07 Traxman – Lik Pussy (Ghettophiles)
08 DJ Diamond – Rep Yo Clique (Remix) (Planet Mu)
09 DJ Diamond – Uh (Planet Mu)
10 DJ Earl – Hit Da Bootz (Planet Mu)
11 DJ Metro – Tekno Bangz (Planet Mu)
12 DJ Diamond – Speakerz ‘n’ Tonguez (Planet Mu)
13 DJ Diamond – Wreckage (Planet Mu)
14 Philip D Kick – Champion Sound Remix (Footwork Jungle)
15 Africa Hitech – Out In The Street (Warp)
16 Philip D Kick – Renegade Snares Remix (Footwork Jungle)
17 Machinedrum – New Forms Remix (Ecstasy Boom)
18 DJ Clent – Clent’s Knee Deep (Unreleased)
19 DJ T-Why – Finished (Planet Mu)
20 DJ Diamond – Torture Rack (Planet Mu)
21 DJ Roc – Baby Come On 2 (Unreleased)
22 DJ Roc – Baby Come On 1 (Unreleased)
23 DJ Umberto – I Got Bangz (Unreleased)
24 DJ Diamond – Snare Fanfare (Planet Mu)
25 DJ Diamond – Rep Yo Clique (Planet Mu)
26 Young Smoke – Psycho War (Planet Mu)
27 DJ Spinn – Crazy ‘n’ Deranged (Planet Mu)
28 DJ Clent – DJ Clent #1 (Planet Mu)
29 DJ Rashad & DJ Rome – Dat Shit Huff (Planet Mu)
30 DJ T-Why – Juice (Planet Mu)
31 Traxman – Brainwash (Planet Mu)
32 DJ Rome – Showtime (Planet Mu)
33 Tha Pope – When You (Planet Mu)
34 DJ Metro – Smak My Bitch Up (Planet Mu)
35 Tha Pope – Out Of My Mind (Unreleased)
36 Tha Pope – Get Down Or Lay Down (Unreleased)
37 Tha Pope – Pop That Thang (Unreleased)
38 DJ Diamond – Decoded (Planet Mu)