Two notable forces in the realm of UK electronic music have unleashed fresh remixes today, with the unstoppable Four Tet (pictured above) dropping his take on a track from veteran outfit To Rococo Rot and the always intriguing Lone working his day-glo magic on “Yoro Diallo” by fellow R&S signee Egyptian Hip Hop. As should be expected, each of the producers offer their own distinct visions on these remixes. Nottingham producer Matt Cutler wraps Egyptian Hip Hop’s soft vocal melodies in the kind of plush synth tones and clicking rhythms that made this year’s Galaxy Garden such a rewarding listen, and the inimitable Kieran Hebden juggles To Rococo Rot’s post-rock leanings with his own penchant for dusty beats and minimal arrangements. You can listen to both tunes in the players below. (via FACT)