In its 20-plus-year career, Scottish production duo Slam has done a lot. After playing an integral role in the development of Glasgow’s underground house scene of the late ’80s, Slam has been behind a consistent string of quality releases that continuously found the pair keen to explore the ever-evolving corners of house and techno throughout the past two decades. 2014 has hardly seen Slam let up, with the pair set to return to its own Soma label with Reverse Proceed, a 14-track album that can now be streamed in full on XLR8R ahead of its release next week.

Spanning just over an hour, Reverse Proceed is intended as one continuous piece of music, with each of its efforts winding into the next. To that end, Slam seems happy to take its time building up the LP’s momentum, with its opening 20 minutes brewing in immersive ambient electronics. The record takes a sharp turn with its fifth track, “Synchronicity,” laying into a sluggish four-on-the-floor which eventually opens up the gates for the burrowing techno of “Ghosts of Detroit,” the adventurous dancefloor explorations of “Pattern A3” and “Factory Music,” and the hard-hitting stomp of “Rotary.” Across it all, the Glaswegian duo sounds confident as ever, pushing and pulling an arsenal of hardware machines towards various ends of the electronic spectrum, all with a veteran’s touch.

Officially out on October 27 via Soma, Slam’s Reverse Proceed LP is streaming in full below.

1. Tokyo Subway
2. Visual Capture
3. Reverse Proceed
4. Cirklon Bells
5. Synchronicity
6. Ghosts of Detroit
7. Relevant Question
8. Pattern A3
9. Factory Music
10. Convolute
11. Catacoustics
12. Irritant
13. Rotary
14. Resolved