The Italian-born, Berlin-based duo of Lucretio and Marieu (a.k.a. The Analogue Cops) have returned to Hypercolour’s Hype LTD imprint this week with a new four-track effort. Finding each member taking a side to themselves, the pair’s Hot Brass Dance EP can now be heard in full.

On Hot Brass Dance‘s a-side, Lucretio gently manipulates and filters a pair of soul-burnt samples over thumping processions of red-lined drum-machine rhythms, resulting in two low-swung and gritty house affairs. Leading the flip side, Marieu’s “Manipulation” follows along the same formula, again reshaping a dusty sample into a hypnotic series of loops, which are joined by pieces of machine-made percussion. Closing out the affair with “Fall In,” Marieu ditches the sample palette in exchange for a generous helping of restless acid synths and and an even more mechanical procession of crunchy drum-machine patterns. Following last year’s In Plain Clothes EP and the pair’s 2013 debut LP, Heavy Hands, The Analogue Cops’ Hot Brass Dance EP can be streamed in full below.