It seems as if there has been a bit less fanfare that usual surrounding the release of Cupid’s Head, the fourth full-length album set to arrive from Swedish ambient-techno auteur The Field on September 30. However, despite the fact that the producer born Axel Willner and releasing label Kompakt haven’t been inundating our news feed with music videos, remixes, and whatever other promotional tools, they are sticking with the tried-and-true formula of allowing the LP to hit the internet as a full stream ahead of its release date. At six tracks and nearly an hour long, Cupid’s Head isn’t exactly a breezy listen, but its dense productions are so detailed and immersive that it will likely float by effortlessly as listeners find themselves entranced by the music’s thick atmospheres and locked-groove rhythms. The Field’s latest album can be heard in its entirety in the player below.