If you’ll remember back to another time—say, the mid-’90s—when contemporary electronic music was still growing legs and labels like Warp pushed a burgeoning sound (debatably) called IDM, there was another style of more pop-influenced electronic music growing in popularity thanks to groups like Stereolab, Portishead, and Seefeel. Well, Stereolab never really called it quits, Portishead already delivered the brilliant Third a couple years ago, and now, London’s experimental pop quartet Seefeel is returning to once again show the world how well electronic timbres, haunting ambience, and sugary sweet vocal hooks work towards making innovatively infectious songs. September 21 marks the release of Faults, the first release from Seefeel in over 14 years, which will be delivered via Warp. The EP features four songs from the band, one of which is available to hear now. Listen to Faults‘ title track, and check out the artwork and tracklist, below.

01 Faults
02 Crowded
03 Folds
04 Clouded


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