When it comes to engaging record labels, it’s tough to find a team that is more proactive than Dirty//Clean. The label has racked up more than 15 proper releases since forming in 2012, and now the label is preparing to issue a compilation titled Archive on March 15 which will showcase nine artists from the label. You can register to download the album for free on the official Dirty//Clean website where you will receive a link to download the album on its release date.

The sounds on the album are immensely diverse and represent the expansive network of artists on the label—who primarily reside in New York, Colorado and California. The first notable track on the release comes from Denver-based producer Mosis who delivers the high-tension track “Don’t You,” which begins with a paranoid dancefloor exercise, before giving way to a full-on speaker workout. Gunkst’s echoing fog-horn track “Tugboat” and Bedrockk‘s hi-gloss rave anthem “Terminal” are another set of tracks that both stand out as prominent gems on the record. Dirty//Clean label co-founder Dawn Safari takes the album into a colorful place with his track “bb w/u,” blending triumphant horn bursts with a bouncy four-to-the-floor chorus and dashes of computer-harmonized R&B.

As a whole, the concept of Archive is imaginative, emotive, and intuitive. It does a great job of shining a light on the up-and-coming digital imprint and showcasing its stable of fresh and creative artists. You can register to download Archive for free over on the Dirty//Clean website by clicking here, and you can check out the label’s latest mix by clicking on the Soundcloud player below.