Austria has been swelling with left-field and experimental producers as of late, and labels like Ventil Records are taking things a bit further with their third album release titled Split. The new LP is the combined efforts of producers Asfast and Peter Kutin, both of whom have a connecting theme in their productions and seem to resonate off of each other well with this new collaboration.

The record starts off with three haunting tracks from 24 year old producer Vienna-based producer Asfast, who meticulously created his signature sounds by carving out tracks with high precision and front-loaded prominence, creating a balance of minimalism coupled together with maximum drone. All three tracks from Asfast are steely in nature but also candid and straight forward. Following are three tracks by Kutin, whose music has been described as ‘undeniably effective’. The second half of the record definitely takes a surprising turn when Kutin is at the controls. Together, Asfast and Kutin have created a powerful, clever and unique release that will throw you off balance as much as it will embrace you. Kutin sets off a dark and brutal pathway during the middle of his half of the record, while also offering a stripped back richness of sharply-moving synth sounds and shamanic percussion.

Purchase of the vinyl includes unlimited streaming of Split via the Bandcamp app, and includes high-quality downloads in multiple digital formats. The record was cut by Rashad Becker over at Dubplates and the tracks were mastered for vinyl by Martin Siewert. The artwork for the album was created by Eiko Gröschl and Benjamin Tomasi.

To find out more about Ventil Records next release, check them out on Bandcamp. To listen to the Split LP by Asfast & Peter Kutin, click on the media players below.