Following last year’s impressive Cupid’s Head LP, Swedish ambient-techno stalwart The Field and his longtime label home Kompakt have unleashed a deluge of remixes from the likes of John Tejada, Barker & Baumecker, and Vatican Shadow. And though the most recent offering in the Cupid’s Head Remixe series already arrived late last month, most of its music has been confined to the limited-edition 12″ form it arrived on, so we’re quite pleased to see that the remix of “No. No…” by Canadian noise auteur Tim Hecker (pictured above) has finally made it online for all to hear. This version of The Field’s darkly emotive track is as glacial and engrossing as any fan of Hecker would come to expect and hope for, with its titular vocal samples ringing out over a densely layered bed of prickly static and pockmarked synth swells. “No. No… (Tim Hecker Mix)” can be heard in its entirety below.