It seems most artists make a “back to basics” album at some point in their careers, and in the case of North Carolina-based hip-hop group Little Brother, the time for that record has arrived with its forthcoming third long-player, Getback.

“I think this is the closest we could get to the feeling and energy we had when we made our first records,” says Big Pooh of the new album, which sees the group return to ABB Records, who released 2003’s The Listening. “When I sat down to write my first rhyme, I didn’t say, ‘Maybe if I write this, the people at Clear Channel will love me… So when I saw myself caring about that, I knew it was a problem, and I had gotten away from the original reasons why I started making music.”

Getback embodies its namesake, with the kind of tight beats, soulful flavor, and personal lyrics that had fans sitting up and taking note in the days when Little Brother was still chugging through the indie battlefields. And though the trio has become a duo since the last time we saw these guys (producer 9th Wonder left the group before Getback was recorded), the message remains the same–making dope music and having fun while you’re doing it.

Getback is out September 25, 2007 on ABB