Laurent Clerc (a.k.a Little People) has recorded and shared a live visual DJ mix comprised entirely of XLR8R downloads in support of a forthcoming LP, Landloper, due out this Friday on Clerc and Sun Glitter’s Future Archive Recordings.

Over the last half-decade, Clerc’s Little People project has been a regular fixture in XLR8R‘s downloads section with a string of originals and remixes released on our pages. The downloads section has provided Clerc with a wealth of material over the years, too, and is the inspiration for his latest mix project, as he explains:

“I check out XLR8R for a source of new music fairly often and have downloaded the top 100 downloads every year for the past 5 years. The mix is a reflection of the broad palette of electronic music XLR8R offers—and where it intersects with my own taste and aesthetic.”

Flowing through shimmering beat cuts, darker-hued house and techno, dubbed-out grooves, and warped arrangements, the mix provides a glimpse into the styles that inspired Landloper, and a beautifully curated summation of XLR8R‘s downloads section.

You can check out the mix via the player below, with Landloper available to pre-order here.

XLR8R‘s top 100 downloads of 2018 can be downloaded here.