Livio & Roby will release Phantom Circle, a new album, via Loco Dice’s Desolat on September 26.

This new conceptual project challenges the listener to defy the constraints of preconceived notions by inviting us to focus on one thing and one thing only: the music. The vinyl release will be dropped without a tracklisting, and in turn encourages the listener to focus on the music without preconceptions, rather than skipping to the tracks by their favorite artists.

The audience is invited to listen to 11 original tracks, each of them co-produced with an anonymous collaborator from their circle of friends. And there certainly are some impressive names involved: tINI, Enzo Siragusa, Martin Buttrich, Guti, JulianPerez, Hector, Ryan Crosson, Cesar Merveille, Andrea Oliva & Premiesku.

The classic Livio & Roby nuances will prevail, of course, but there will be no clear evidence about the collaborator behind each track, apart from the music itself.

The triple-pack vinyl edition of the album is due on September 26, with a digital release to follow on October 14.