Since 2010, the Bristol-based label Livity Sound—jointly run by Tom Ford (a.k.a. Peverelist), Joe Cowton (a.k.a. Kowton), and Craig Stennett (a.k.a. Asusu)—has operated as an outlet for grimy, techno-infused white label 12″s from the three producers. And the label has just announced plans to release a two-disc album which compiles the six Livity Sound 12″s, along with Pev & Kowton’s XLR8R Pick’d “Raw Code” b/w “Junked” single for Hessle Audio and four entirely new tracks from different iterations of the trio. Simply titled Livity Sound, the so-called debut album from the Bristolian crew will mark the first time that any of the label’s material has been made available digitally. According to the press release, Livity Sound’s founding impulse was to release “a raw and exploratory strain of UK techno, rooted in dub methods and soundsystem culture,” a statement that can be explored in full when the two CDs drop on October 21. In the meantime, the artwork and tracklist for Livity Sound can be found below.

Pev & Kowton ‘Beneath Radar’ (Kowton version)
Pev & Kowton ‘Raw Code’
Kowton ‘More Games’
Pev ‘Aztec Chant’
Pev & Asusu ‘Remnants’
Asusu ‘Sister’
Pev ‘Erosions’
Asusu ‘Rendering’
Pev ‘Livity’

Pev & Asusu ‘Surge’
Kowton ‘Jam01’
Pev & Kowton ‘Vapours’
Asusu ‘Velez’
Pev & Kowton ‘Junked’
Pev ‘Saltwater’
Pev & Kowton ‘End Point’
Asusu ‘Too Much Time Has Passed’
Pev & Kowton ‘Beneath Radar’ (Pev version)