Lo Recordings is marking 20 years in business with a double CD pack.

The eclectic London-based imprint has been a strong voice in experimental and leftfield music since the mid-90s, covering everything from “electronica to cosmic disco, library music to avant-garde rock.” In celebration of completing two decades in business, the label is pulling together 20 tracks that offer a snapshot of its history.

Disc one of It’s Been Hell is made up of ten original cuts, while disc two is strictly remixes: there is Aphex Twin‘s ’96 remix of “Debase” by The Mike Flowers Pops, as well as reworks by Hot Chip, Ulrich Schnauss, Auntie Flo, DJ Godfather and Nathan Fake.

It’s Been Hell will be released November 25.


CD1: 10 Good Tracks
01. Slack Dog “Ruf Dog”
02. Hairy Butter “Office Tart”
03. Jamois & Chant “Talma”
04. Tom Furse “The Ocean Is Teacher”
05. Hatchback “Midnight Jogger”
06. Cursor Miner “Sport of Kings”
07. The Chap “We Work In Bars”
08. NZCA Lines “Okinawa Channels”
09. Grimes “Heartbeats”
10. Rothko / Yokota “Lit By Moonlight”

CD2: 10 Good Remixes

01. The Mike Flowers Pops “Debase” (Aphex Twin Remix)
02. Hairy Butter “I Came When I Heard” (DJ Godfather Remix)
03. Luke Vibert & Jean Jacques Perrey “Moog Acid” (Plastician Remix)
04. The Chap “Woop Woop” (Hot Chip Remix)
05. Dark Captain “Questions” (Hatchback’s Multiple Choice Dub)
06. Richard Thomas “Plate Core” (Squarepusher Remix)
07. Vincent Oliver “Cluods In The Haed” (Nathan Fake Remix)
08. Black Devil “To Ardent” (feat Nancy Sinatra) (Grosvenor Radio Remix)
09. Red Snapper “Village Tap” (Auntie Flo Remix)
10. Zoon Van Snook “The Gaits” (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)