Bionic Commando ReArmed
The recently announced Bionic Commando for the Xbox 360 and PS3 was met with both the glee that the re-visitation of a beloved title garners and controversy, due to the cables on the overly muscular, dreadlocked anti-hero’s bionic arm that resembles meaty knockwurst. But one fact remains–the 1988 original for the NES is still holy ground (as far as those who were around for it are concerned) that Capcom has feared to tread on for nearly two decades.

So imagine our surprise, apprehension, and ultimate excitement when it was announced this week that not only would a fully 3D title swing our way later this year, but that Capcom would also release a downloadable version of the original this spring, complete with a 2008 facelift called Bionic Commando: ReArmed.

Bionic Commando: ReArmed will be available via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network and feature re-imagined graphics and music while maintaining the core mechanics (and absurdist humor) of the original title. A few new twists will also be added, such as the ability to grapple your enemies and give them a toss.

We are more than excited to once again take on the futuristic Nazis (or BADDS, as the cleaned-up U.S. version called them back in the day) and die many horrible deaths as we swing from futuristic prosthetics.

Facebook Forced to Pull Scrabulous
I don’t care for Facebook. There I’ve said it. Yes I have an account just so I talk about it knowledgably with people who seem to think it’s the greatest thing since… well, since MySpace, which was the greatest thing since Friendster, which was the greatest thing since the telephone.

Countless “pokes” and “zombie biting” seems altogether pointless, but there is one thing Facebook has going for it that I simply can’t deny is worth putting up with “hottie” requests for (and I totally get tons of those)–Scrabulous!

Now it seems that Hasbro finally caught wind that people were playing this crazy new game and decided it was a little too close (OK, it’s exactly the same) to their trademark board game, the obscure but similarly named Scrabble. The company has now taken legal action to get the game pulled from Facebook.

Really? It took them this long to figure that out? Please, no one tell Hasbro that Facebook’s ATTACK! is actually Risk, or else I may have no reason to ever go back to Facebook again. On second thought…

More Rock Band/Guitar Hero 3 Coming!
Good news everyone! More downloadable rockness for Guitar Hero 3/Rock Band aficionados is imminent.

For the Trans-Am driving, weed smoking set, Guitar Hero 3 is offering some arena-rock classics for download in the next few weeks (no specific date yet):

Journey “Any Way You Want It”
Foreigner “Juke Box Hero”
Boston “Peace of Mind”

For the Madchester set, on Jan 22 Rock Band will offer the following Oasis classics:

“Don’t Look Back in Anger”
“Live Forever”

Ever generous, Rock Band will also offer the following on Jan 29:

Smashing Pumpkins “Siva” (cool)
Rush “Working Man” (very cool)
Coheed and Cambria “Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood and Burial)” (Gag)