Call of Duty 5 Details
So recently, the world has learned that the mega popular Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has not only sold over 10 million copies, but that such a giant number puts it in the top 10 biggest selling games of all time! Or at least since 1989, when someone started keeping track of such things.

So it should come as no shock that Call of Duty 5 is already gearing up for a release this fall and today we got our first tidbits of info on said title.

So what’s the deal? First of all, the game is set back during WWII in the Pacific Theater. Not sure how I feel about that, actually. CoD4 was so awesome that going back in time, a time we have visited on MANY occasions, seems like a step back.

However, it will not be CoD4’s Infinity Ward developing CoD5, it will be Treyarch this time around. Activision has both companies working on separate titles simultaneously so they can have a new CoD out every year–perhaps Infinity Ward will be the modern day CoD dev and Treyarch will be the old school CoD dev?

Anyway, here is what else we know:

• For the first time ever, there will co-op play
• Squad combat
• Vehicles

CoD5 will probably be awesome, but it certainly has a lot to live up to after CoD4.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Atari Movie
As of this weekend, Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, will produce a film about Nolan Bushnell–a.k.a. the man who developed Pong, founded Atari in 1972, and started up Chuck E. Cheese–and Leo himself may star in the biopic.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the story will draw on themes similar to that of Tucker: The Man and His Dream and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

And in case you were not aware, Atari still exists, it is just owned by the French now, makes mostly crap games, and is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy. A far cry from the salad days of Adventure, Combat, and Football.

LucasArts To Lay Off Hundreds?
Rumor has it this week that LucasArts will begin laying off over one hundred employees once development of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is over in September of this year.

The highly anticipated Force Unleashed is the first game LucasArts has ever developed internally and the first they company has not licensed out to another developer since Republic Commando in 2005.

The company is also developing an Indiana Jones game internally but apparently once Force Unleashed drops in the fall, that team will also be axed and the rest of development will be outsourced to some other company.

So by the end of the year, it seems that LucasArts will just be licensing out their properties, raking in dough and that’s about it.

For the record, Crystal Skull fucking sucked and George Lucas can totally suck it. Seriously. Fuck that guy.