GTA IV comes to PC
Rockstar officially announced that the latest in its epic crime-committing series, Grand Theft Auto IV, will be hitting the PC on November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe.

Little in the way of details is known about new content, however, we are aware that Rockstar North is handling the port itself and there will be expanded multi-player options. We just don’t know what they are yet. Though we expect lots more hi-def Russian accents!

Force Unleashed on the iPhone
Seems the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has ensnared the Jesus Phone in its invisible grasp, as screenshots of the game were made available earlier this week.

While it will be a toned down version of the home console counterparts, the iPhone version will utilize the device’s touch controls, allowing you to… well… unleash the Force… by tilting the phone and moving your fingers in various patterns across the screen, with swirly motions to strangle and zig-zags for lightning bolts. Neat!

Cars Exclusive to Rock Band
A Newsweek report this week detailed a deal regarding the Cars’ debut album and its appearance in Rock Band.

The self-titled debut is apparently exclusive to Rock Band, but this is not to say that certain songs from the album wouldn’t appear anywhere else.

According to Rhino Records, “The deal we made for The Cars is a full album game download and Rock Band is the only game title out there putting full albums up as downloadable content.”

He should have added “at the moment,” since Activision has recently begun snatching up full album deals itself (Metallica’s next album) in preparation for Guitar Hero: World Tour this October.

The Cars’ debut album is expected to show up on Rock Band this fall.

Warcraft Wants Your Friends, Warhammer Gets Dated
Finally, two bits of MMORPG news for those of us who prefer to interact with one another via Guild Chat and clandestine IMs today involving World of Warcraft and the upcoming Warhammer title.

First off, WoW is offering players who are able to ensnare friends into their web of Orcs and Blood Elves for two months up-front a new mount, the unicorn/zebra hybrid, the Zhevra (which is a handsome steed, we’ll admit). Other incentives include triple XP points and the ability to summon your friend from anywhere in the game world, which, if you’ve actually tried waiting for you friends to get from one end of the world to another without, you know is pretty much worth it right there.

Second, the long-awaited MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, which some are calling the only true challenge to Warcraft’s golden throne, will finally see a release date of September 18.