New BioShock Content Soon?
Some industrious hacker types have (not surprisingly) gone to work on BioShock, and have uncovered some curious bits of text that may give the game some life, post-Halo 3.

The text unfortunately isn’t a clue to a crappy looking sex simulator à la Hot Coffee, but instead appears to be some new plasmids, the injected genetic modifiers which are the game’s main means of bad-assery.

These new juices appear to include: Machine Buster (kill machines quicker?), Vending Expert (everything in vending machines is way cheaper?), Sonic Boom (blow dudes across the room?), and EVE Saver (um, save EVE?).

This could, of course, be left over code the creators decided wasn’t worth including. Or it could be fun new ways of dispatching those garter-wearing sluts who throw hooks at us from the ceiling. Seriously, bitches. Step off.

Black College Football Game Coming Soon
Nerjyzed (we’re supposing this is meant to be pronounced like “energized”) Entertainment yesterday announced a new PC game coming this November that’s likely to raise some eyebrows, but one that also faces stiff competition in the shadow of Madden Season: Black College Football: The Xperience (yes, no E).

From the press release:

Black College Football: The Xperience is a sports game that captures the unique culture of the black college football experience, fusing advanced videogame design with music and entertainment. Nerjyzed has secured an exclusive five-year licensing agreement with three HBCU conferences, including the SWAC, SIAC, and CIAA, several schools within the MEAC, as well as independent HBCUs. The game features more than 40 teams, bands, and mascots, interactive halftime shows, realistic stadiums, play-by-play commentary, and ten authentic Classics.”

Using the Unreal 3 engine, the games graphics look decent, if a little choppy. And while many arguments could be made for/against a game such as this, we just hope that it not only includes a fraternity branding mini-game. but also opens the doors for such titles as the Samoan Football Xperience starring Junior Seau and Tupo Tuupo or the Chinese Basketball Xperience with Yao Ming and …well…probably just Yao Ming.

Street Fighter Movie Director Named
While most of us cringe at the thought of the wildly ridiculous Street Fighter movie from 1994 (starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and poor, poor Raul Julia), it seems Capcom has decided to give it another go earlier this year by announcing another film based on its famous fighting game franchise.

And today they unveiled the director of what is sure to be at least 35% better than the first movie–Andrzej Bartkowiak!


The dude apparently directed such classics as Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, and Cradle to the Grave. So he is sure to include at least one rapper/R&B star in the movie PLUS he has a ‘J’ AND a ‘Z’ in his name. Double Points.


Though as dubious as the director may be, the writer, Justin Marks, gives us hope. Penning the upcoming Voltron, Green Arrow, and He-Man movies, Marks appears to be a true nerd and may just do Street Fighter justice. How, we have no idea.