Nthng​ is back with his second album for Lobster Theremin, Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy, an eight-track album, spans dub techno and hazy ambient and traverses through different moods. It follows It Never Ends, Nthing’s debut album in 2017, but the elusive dutch DJ-producer has also put out material on his own label, Transatlantic, plus the likes of Delsin and Mörk. His latest release came in 2019 with Shine. There’s nothing else disclosed about the music itself but there are clips below.

The album is Lobster Theremin’s 66th release.


A1. 50 Flower
A2. I Just Am
B1. Heitt
B2. Beautiful Love
C1. Wave Return
C2. Spirit of Ecstasy
D1. Hypnotherapy
D2. With You
Digi only: And Then There Was Light

Hypnotherapy LP​ drops on April 24 on vinyl and digitally via​ Lobster Theremin, with pre-order here.