London label Local Action has revealed plans to release the debut LP from newcomer Yamaneko. Comprised of 13 tracks, the Pixel Wave Embrace LP will serve as Yamaneko’s first official release, though his tunes have reportedly found favor in sets from the likes of Mumdance, Logos, and others over the past 12 months. Said to “deal in illusions” and look to water as a “prominent influence,” Pixel Wave Embrace melds facets of instrumental grime production with nods towards new-age and meditative electronic music.

Set to arrive on November 24, Yamaneko’s debut full-length is preceded by a full stream of beatless album cut “Noises in the Wave Wires Like the Kissing of the Sea,” which can be found below along with Pixel Wave Embrace‘s complete tracklist.

1. Fragrance Transmission
2. Greeen Hillz
3. Slew Wave
4. Tropics
5. Yokonma
6. Accela Rush
7. Primrose Island
8. Seabrooke Rise
9. Tugboat
10. Calotype Process
11. ~
12. Noises in the Wave Wires Like the Kissing of the Sea (feat. Rimplton)
13. Adrift