Photo: Shaun Fowler

After releasing his debut long-player, Yahoo or the Highway, via the label last year, Lockah will return to Donky Pitch with the And Blue Brindle Too EP next month. On the upcoming effort, the former Bubblin’ Up artist is said to make much more use of live instrumentation in his productions, playing a full drum kit across all five EP tracks while enlisting fellow Donky Pitch artist Mount Bank to add live guitar to the record.

Our first taste of how these new elements mesh with Lockah’s penchant for bright, soaring synth work and vintage rhythms comes in the form of “Barcelona Drums,” the EP’s opening track. A driving, synth-heavy excursion, “Barcelona Drums” can be streamed in full below, where the complete tracklist for Lockah’s upcoming And Blue Brindle Too EP has also been included ahead of its release on April 27.

1. Barcelona Drums
2. When Were U In ’82, When Heate Legend Dies
3. You’ll Suckers Don’t Even Cut Corn
4. Canada Gifts
5. Barcelona Linn Reprise