Though we’ve been well aware of the impending arrival of Bubblin’ Up Scottish producer and Tuff Wax boss Lockah‘s debut album for Donky Pitch since his recent EP was announced back in January, the finer details of his Yahoo or the Highway LP have only just arrived. Lockah’s 13-track record is set to arrive on April 14, and is said to feature “synth driven melody and pop tendencies being weaved into a rich mix of influences, from Italo disco to electro, rave to R&B, all whilst remaining resoundingly original and unconventional.” As a taste of Yahoo or the Highway‘s new music, the Brighton-based artist has unveiled one of its new tracks, the glowingly playful “Contact High with Big Lockah.” That production can be streamed in full below, where the album’s tracklist is also included; lead single “If Loving U is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Wrong” can be heard here.

01. A Face Only Another Could Love
02. Some Velvet Evening
03. Ayyo Tricknology
04. Contact High Wit Big Lockah
05. Thick-Ass Jawn Riddim (Devil Mix)
06. If Loving U Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Wrong
07. Cleft N Twain
08. Summer Jorts (Some Cats Still Do)
09. Shark’s Sad Mouth In The 1st Pic
10. Heartless Monster
11. Every Song Was About U
12. I Went Home
13. Street Jam To The Second Power