Loscil has just released his 12th full-length album, Equivalents.

Released with Kranky across CD, 2LP, and digital formats, the album finds its conceptual theme revolving around the works of late 19th/early 20th-century photographer Alfred Stieglitz. Kranky tells us, “The name Equivalents referred to Stieglitz’ notion of the photographs as being equivalent to his ‘philosophical or emotional states of mind’; the same could be said of these eight weighty, shivering chiaroscuros of sound. Each piece unfolds and evolves enigmatically, adrift in low oxygen atmospheres, shifting dramatically from pockets of density to dissipated streaks of moonlit vapor.”

Like past works in the Loscil catalog, Equivalents produces a hazy and enveloping listen. Every track was planned and recorded in direct correlation to the devised theme, with the exception of “Equivalent 7,” which first came to life as a dance score for frequent collaborator Vanessa Goodman.

The LP version of Equivalents was reworked with Vancouver-based musician Amir Abbey (a.k.a Secret Pyramid), with the cloud photography that produces the album cover/package design provided by Scott Morgan.

Loscil adds: “May I suggest you listen in comfort, preferably in darkness.”

The album follows the Vancouver artist’s 2018 Bannockburn LP, a self-release.

Equivalents is available now, with streams of singles “Equivalent 5” and “Equivalent 7” below.


01. Equivalent 1
02. Equivalent 2
03. Equivalent 3
04. Equivalent 4
05. Equivalent 5
06. Equivalent 6
07. Equivalent 7
08. Equivalent 8