Every budding musicologist has to overcome the same tremendous obstacle: pockets, and how there’s never enough of them! You can’t always lug around your messenger bag full of 1-bit DSD/PCM recorders, as well as mics, cables, etc. But sometimes sound just happens, and you need a highly portable way to be prepared. Perhaps Japan-based Logitec (nope, not thatLogitech) had this in mind when it designed the LIC-iREC03P microphone attachment for iPhone/iPod. If there’s one thing few field recordists and producers leave home without it’s their cellphone, with dedicated MP3 player a close second, so this lil’ XY stereo microphone module offers added value to Apple’s hot convergence device of the now. Tapping into the opened-up SDK for the iPhone/iPod’s proprietary dock connector and built-in voice memo recording in the 3.0 software (required for iPhone/iPod Touch), Logitec’s LIC-iREC03P (love the name) requires no batteries and instantly turns your DAP into a DAT, so to speak. The two microphones (which come with sponge wind shields) are set up cross-eyed to offer stereo separation with minimized phase issues. Specs are being reported as 20 Hz-16 kHz response, and recordings are saved in lossless/WAV format transferable to computer later. Additionally, there’s mini-USB and 3.5mm line-in plus up to -20 dB attenuation toggles on the LIC-iREC03P, allowing it to be an archival interface for various mics/sources if you happen to have that gear bag. Right now the word, parsed as it is from Google-translated Japanese documents, is that the LIC-iREC03P will come out somewhere between August and January somewhere in the world and for under $100. So some time this holiday season you might be able to make your iPhone look like a mischievous audio satyr and love every minute you capture with it.