Photo | Sarah Stenfeldt

Loke Rahbek and Frederik Valentin will release Elephant, their new album, via the former’s Posh Isolation on February 28.

The eight-track album will be the duo’s second full-length together following Buy Corals Online on Editions Mego in 2017. We’re told that it’s once again shaped by the delicate interplay between acoustic instrumentation and synthetically rendered sounds.

Hauntingly melodic at times, the album “feels like a suite of uncanny lullabies that grant access to realities that can only be found in dreams,” the Copenhagen, Denmark label explains.

Valentin is best known for his work in the exquisite atypical pop group Kyo. Most recently, he has been working with Yung Lean as both producer on his Nectar album as Jonatan Leandoer127 as well as on their commission for Sweden’s Cullberg Ballet.

As Croatian Amor, Rahbek has made similar forays into unworldly pop, and his work with Christian Stadsgaard as Damien Dubrovnik has been as critical as their co-founding of Posh Isolation.


01. Solina
02. Touch And Vision
03. Scarlett
04. In Waves ft. CTM
05. Call Me By My True Names
06. Sense World
07. The Heart Of Things
08. Elephant

Elephant is out on February 28 via Posh Isolation. In advance of the release, you can stream “Scarlett” via the player below, and pre-order here.