On July 7, Romanian artist Suolo will kick off the label arm of Australian collective Lokomotiv with May Be.

Lokomotiv began as a podcast and event series over a year ago, hosting artists such as Teluric, Nima Gorji, Tulbure, Clarkent, and Jack Wickham, as well as fellow Australian artists Monika Ross, Whitecat, AboutJack, Lokomotiv resident Lachie Simpson, and label head Tyson Bruun.

For their inaugural release, Lokomotiv have enlisted Suolo for two originals alongside a remix from Romanian duo SIT (a.k.a. Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia). With its collection of dreamy soundscapes and alluring grooves, the EP has already been causing quite stir in the house scene, receiving early support from Raresh, Barac, Dubtil, Arapu and Cezar, among many others.

May Be can be pre-ordered here, with snippets of all three cuts streaming below.