The internet—is there anything it can’t do? From facilitating long-distance pizza delivery to providing easier access to esoteric niche porn, it’s truly the be-all-end-all of communication technology. Just ask Marcus Garcia and Jerome Potter (a.k.a. LOL Boys), the transnational dancefloor upstarts who owe the genesis of their collaboration to a chance encounter in cyberspace. With a strong debut on Palms Out Sounds and last month’s follow-up on Discobelle, it should come as no surprise that they’re moving forward while still keeping in touch with their digital roots. For LDR, their third release, a nine-track EP, they’re returning to Palms Out Sounds to drop some seriously funky bass music, with remix support from the likes of Nguzunguzu, Marcus Price, and Jim-E Stack. The EP comes out May 24, but you can check out the album art, tracklist, and streaming preview of it below.

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