London duo c / a have dropped a new NFT series on XNFT and shared the second video single from their forthcoming debut album, THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW TO HAVE FUN.

The NFT series, titled HORSES, landed via XNFT this week on the Polygon chain in an edition of seven. It offers a hallucinogenic vision of psychedelic “wild horses running on a springy field,” and was originally created as an intro for their Covid-era virtual performances. It’s a heady and transfixing collectible from two digital art pioneers.

Alongside the NFT, the duo have shared the latest single from THE ONLY WAY WE KNOW TO HAVE FUN, their debut album, landing July 9. Created during the summer of 2020, the album presents 11 tracks that push and pull at the boundaries of sound, ranging from “medieval speed-core, esoteric grime, and horse-riding ambient.” It draws inspiration from previously explored interests such as AI, film, and software programming.

On “THE PRIMER,” the album’s second video single, after “Docile Goetica,” the duo offer a “conceptual study of ‘intuition’ as it relates to algorithmic musical creation, posing a duality between the artist as a chaos magician and the machine as an oraculous tool.” Across the track, simple yet haunting melodies stutter across the frequency spectrum, created from “the neural network of a trained artificial intelligence model dating back to the earliest self-educational programming exercises with Tensorflow.”

You can watch the video for “THE PRIMER” below and read more about the album here. Meanwhile, you can check out the duo’s NFT series over at XNFT.