Kaidi & NK-OK have released Time Capsule, a debut EP bringing together the sounds of the African diaspora and the streets of London, while leaning on their shared love of grime, Jersey house, and experimental jazz.

Kaidi & NK-OK have been part of the new age jazz scene for about five years— NK-OK as part of Jazztronica Duo and Blue Lab Beats, and Kaidi playing saxophone for Tom Misch and Yusef Dayes.

Time Capsule serves as a soundscape of London, which holds an eclectic mix of sounds musically and otherwise, the pair explain.

“Sweet Shop” serves to elicit the rushing adrenaline of city stimulus in the listener, whilst the title track reflects the city’s diverse musical influences and their amalgamation in the capital. “Breath,” featuring Theo Croker, is fleeting respite in the constant uproar that is the city, before “Rush Hour” embodies that roar—the haste and city sonics coming to claim the forefront once more.


01. Sweet Shop
02. Time Capsule
03. Breath
04. Rush Hour

Time Capsule EP is out now All Points / Blue Adventure. You can stream it in full below and order here.