Lone‘s now classic debut album, Lemurian, will receive a deluxe reissue by Magic Wire and R&S on June 29. Originally released in 2008, the album will return remastered by Matt Colton, with new artwork—which can be seen above—by Konx-om-Pax and on vinyl for the first time. The initial press will be on colored vinyl, with a spot gloss cover, a full color printed inner, and a download code. You can check out the full tracklisting for Lemurian‘s reissue below, along with Lone’s remaining US tour dates.


1. Koran Angel
2. Cali Drought
3. Interview at Honolulu
4. Banyan Drive
5. Green Sea Pageant
6. Girl
7. Orange Tree
8. Maya Codex
9. Atoll Mirrored
10. Sea Spray
11. Under Two Palms
12. Lens Flare Lagoon
13. Borea
14. Buried Coral Banks
15. Phthalo Blue
16. Sunken
17. Minor Suns

Upcoming Shows:

May 7 – Montreal – Newspeak

May 8 – Brooklyn – Output

May 9 – Miami – Bardot