Georgy Kotunov (a.k.a Long Arm) has shared new videos for “Sleepy Bird” and “For All People With Broken Hearts,” taken from Darkly, his latest LP on Berlin’s Project Mooncircle. 

Darkly, out now, is the St. Petersburg producer’s third full-length, following Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy and The Branches.

These two music videos have both arrived in the last month, with “For All The People With Broken Hearts” directed by Ilina Vicktoria and Kotunov, and “Sleep Bird” created by filmmaker Sasha Userdnaja. As with all of Long Arm’s past releases, visual direction and design is credited to Project Mooncircle CEO, Gordon Gieseking. 


01. Prologue

02. For All People With Broken Hearts

03. I Walk, I Fly

04. Air

05. I Can’t Wait

06. Sleepy Bird

07. Utopia

08. Lullaby

09. The Light

10. Flight Through Thunderclouds

11. Kurami’s Georgia

12. Something

13. Darkly

14. Prince

Darkly is available now via Project Mooncircle, with the videos below.