Lord Pusswhip and Alfred Drexler will release a new collaborative LP as PSYCHOPLASMICS, titled PSYCHOPLASMICS, encompassing varying elements from hip-hop, IDM, and breakbeat. 

Having known one another since birth, Pusswhip and Drexler have grown up with mirroring musical influences and inspirations.  Together, the pair released previous single 101 Reykjavik back in 2014.  

Described as “a direct sequel” to their 2014 track, new track “107 RVK” “opens the door into the kaleidoscopic world of PSYCHOPLASMICS,” the duo explain, fusing looping vocals with organic field recordings, plunging the listener into a psychedelic trip. It will feature as the first track on the album. 

PSYCHOPLASMICS is out in November via PSYCHOPLASMICS, with “107 RVK” streaming below.